Do you need a will?

Do you need to update your will due to a marriage, a separation, birth, death or other major event in your life?

Did you know the law about wills was entirely changed in 2013 when a new Act came into law in BC called the Wills, Estates and Succession Act?

If you made your will prior to 2013, you may want to review it under the current law.

Would you like to explore estate planning possibilities and learn how to avoid having your assets depleted through unnecessary taxes?

Is there a conflict arising between members of your family following a loved one’s death?

Do you need to make changes to a will after the death of the will maker?

Has there been a death in your family giving rise to questions about how to deal with the deceased’s personal belongings?

Would you like to arrange for us to make a presentation to your group about wills and estates? We would be delighted to do so.

At Resolution Place, we offer more than 25 years experience in wills and estates law.

Resolution Place offers a full range of services of legal services for any point along the journey through wills and estates. Contact us to set up your initial consultation, and enjoy the peace of mind of having your affairs in order.

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