Collaborative practice is about helping families restructure through separation and divorce in a healthy and positive way.

Families do not have to be torn apart in the separation and divorce process. The collaborative process is respectful and dignified.

Let us show you how to divorce and not wreck the kids.

The collaborative process helps you find a way to support your kids in a non adversarial way and how to communicate with each other in a respectful manner.

Collaborative law shows you how to keep the conflict away from the kids.

The Collaborative Model

In the collaborative model, each party retains his or her own collaborative lawyer and all 4 sign a Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement sets out that the lawyers cannot go to court against the other side, ever. Instead, the legal issues between the parties are identified and resolved not through an application to a judge, or through a letter writing campaign between lawyers, or through phone calls, but only through a series of face to face 4-way meetings between the parties and their collaborative lawyers.

Child specialists join the team when a parenting plan needs to be sorted out.

Each collaborative lawyer is a certified civil mediator, but collaborative practice differs from mediation in that collaborative lawyers provide legal advice. The collaborative lawyers are actually working together to help the parties come up with creative solutions that meet each party’s needs, while providing independent legal advice to their own clients.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice is a team approach where it is recognized that legal disputes often arise through a breakdown in communication, and involve emotional or financial components. Collaborative practice teams are made up of not only lawyer mediators, but may also be made up of counsellors, child specialists, financial planners and tax advisors who participate in the process as required. Collaborative practice teams for dispute resolution can be compared to triage teams in health care.

Susan Kurtz of Resolution Place has been a certified Collaborative Lawyer since 2002 and a Member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) since 2006 and she is a Charter Sponsor of the BC Collaborative Roster Society.

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