Family Law

At Resolution Place we are interested in protecting children by reducing tension, animosity and uncertainty between parents. We do this by offering ways to get to a final and binding resolution that do not involve the time and cost of the court process.


Once you have reached agreement on all terms, we will draft your Separation Agreement for a fee of $1,500 plus taxes. Your Separation Agreement can be filed at the court registry and enforced like a court order.

Separation often involves more of an emotional component rather than a dispute about the law. When communication breaks down because of strong feelings of hurt, anger, mistrust or fear, it is often difficult for the couple to reach agreement without outside help.

At Resolution Place, we offer mediation services to help the two of you reach agreement so that all of your legal issues are permanently resolved. We also offer mediation services for employment disputes, construction disputes and all types of disputes that arise within families.

If you are separating, Susan Kurtz of Resolution Place will meet with you and your spouse at the same time to discuss procedural options and whether your case is suitable for mediation, arbitration or collaborative practice.


In the mediation process, the decision making remains with the parties and if the parties cannot reach consensus, no decision is made. This is contrasted with Family Law Arbitration wherein the parties hand over the decision making to a lawyer who is qualified as an arbitrator under the Arbitration Act of British Columbia. The arbitrator has the powers of a Supreme Court Judge in that the arbitrator can subpoena witnesses to come before her and the arbitrator can make binding decisions about family property division, spousal support and child support.

A combination form of Mediation/Arbitration (Med/Arb) has become very popular in Ontario and many States in resolving family law disputes. The parties sign a Med/Arb Agreement wherein they set out that if they are unable to come to consensus through mediation, the mediator will make the decision, thereby becoming an arbitrator.

Family Law Arbitration has been available for many years, often used by celebrities and others who wish to keep their affairs private and out of the courtroom. Another name for arbitration is Private Judging. Now family law arbitration and med/arb have become mainstream and available at Resolution Place.

Family Law Arbitration offers a fast, fair and final resolution of all legal issues arising through separation.   It helps to protect children by ending the argument and providing certainty so that you can move on with your life.

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